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Vanilla Glazed Donut

6 Packs (18 Donuts)

Drumroll, please! Celebrate the little things with Drumroll chocolate glazed donuts. Made with simple, plant-based ingredients, these fluffy and cakey delights will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a burst of protein. With a heavenly chocolate glaze, these donuts will have you marching to the beat of a different donut. It's time to say yes to deliciousness!

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Save when you buy 2 or more!


Save when you buy 2 or more!

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Let me start by saying that they are as AMAZING as you described.

Seriously, I didn't believe that they could possibly taste similar to Ent-enmann's, but you were SPOT ON!

They're incredibly delicious.

-Brad Z., New York, NY

My wife tried them, she loved them; My kids tried them, they loved them; I tried them, I loved them.

-Chris B., Los Angeles, CA

I don't usually review companies like this but I had the three small chocolate donuts and WOAH. So good and cakey. Also, very afford-able! I will be buying multiple next time and telling my friends/family about them.

-Ashlyn H, Phoenix, AZ